4th Annual Gathering, December 8–13, 2019
Babson Executive Conference Center, Boston, MA


The Next Practice Institute (NPI) of Mobius Executive Leadership sponsors transformational training programs for our practitioners, partners, and clients.

These programs operate at the nexus of “best practice” in such areas as organizational development, culture change, and adaptive leadership, and “next practice” in neuroscience, somatics, energy work, music, yoga, and other expressive/devotional arts.

Together we are creating a global community of practice devoted to the craft of transforming people into stronger leaders and building a better world for everyone.

For the past several years we have conducted a week-long professional development immersion outside of Boston. 2019 marks our fourth year hosting the annual NPI celebratory and learning event

The Annual Gathering brings together practitioners (including coaches, mediators, interventionists, and facilitators), business leaders, human resources and organizational development professionals, strategy and search consultants.

We come together for renewal, learning, inspiration, and practice.

The Annual Gathering is supplemented throughout the year with workshops. We also encourage you to join our online community for sharing news and resources. You can find our special group, Next Practice Leadership, on LinkedIn.


Participants in the 2019 Annual Gathering can select from one of nine tracks for the week. Each will be limited to 25 members. When registering, please select a first and a second choice. We will make every effort to accommodate your selection.

Track One
with Jennifer Cohen

Advanced Coaching and Somatics Training

Certified a Master Coach by the Strozzi Institute, Jennifer will dive into the latest from neuroscience and somatics to help you gain a grounded understanding of what makes working with and through the body so powerful in effecting long-lasting and sustainable change. This track will offer a heightened sense of leadership presence, embodiment and inspiration for your own leadership journey, as well as extend and deepen your coaching skills. (Some experience as a coach or trusted advisor required.)

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Track Two
with Dr. Richard Schwartz

Working with different parts of the self

Renowned family therapist and trauma expert, Dick Schwartz, is regarded as a pioneer for developing the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. In this track you will apply the IFS model to yourself to identify and integrate your sub-personalities or parts of yourself and learn to access your larger, wiser “Self.” You will also learn to guide your clients as part of your coaching practice. For a taster, watch Dick’s keynote address on our website, under Next Practice Institute Resources.

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Track Three
with Dr. Paul Dunion

Feeding the Hunger of the Masculine Soul (men-only track)

Paul has been in private practice as a psychological healer since 1982, when he also began facilitating Men’s groups. His work includes individual therapy, working with trauma, men’s and women’s soul work, and how to embrace life as a mysterious and unpredictable journey. He is a graduate of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and the author of five books. This is an extraordinary opportunity for a men-only track helping to explore personal empowerment, including how to relate to loss, offer stewardship and live with greater sweetness.

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Track Four
with Alexander Caillet and Amy Yeager

Team Coaching

Team coaching is the dynamic, complex and enlivening practice of working with a team in real time, on real work, to achieve real, measurable results. Alexander Caillet’s pioneering approach — established more than 25 years ago and since refined in collaboration with Amy Yeager, has been used with hundreds of teams internationally and taught to thousands of practitioners. Participants who take this track will get hands-on experience with this powerful discipline, utilizing time-tested frameworks, tools, and methods for assessing and improving team performance.

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Track Five
with Zander Grashow

Adaptive Leadership and Alignment to Change

Co-author of the seminal book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Zander delves into the art and practice of individual and collective evolution which emerged from thirty years of research at Harvard University. This session will explore the intersection of mobilizing external change and mobilizing ourselves to meet the challenges ahead. Zander has been a trusted partner to Presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition.

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Track Six
with Martin Boroson & Carmel Moore

Time Mastery for Leaders

Great leaders lead on time. They don’t confuse being ‘busy’ with being important. They create the time to truly lead, and they model healthy time practices for their organization. This track takes a disruptive approach to time, moving you beyond time management into time mastery. With a a deep dive into the paradox of time, practical exercises to help you make new choices, this track is a wake-up call to the present moment and its potential. Led by Martin Boroson, creator of One Moment Meditation, and Carmel Moore, a former partner with EY.

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Track Seven
with Paul Zonneveld & Mieke Jacobs

Systemic Intelligence and Organizational Constellations

Paul has over fifteen years of experience working with “constellations” and organizational systems, a field of study and practice for which he is a program director at several European institutions. Mieke has added indepth systemic and constellation work to her more than twenty years of industry and consulting experience. In this track you will learn how to intervene deeply in organizational systems and how seemingly small interventions lead to breakthroughs in complex organizational challenges.

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Track Eight
with Jennifer Garvey Berger & Zafer Achi

Complexity: Outside-in and Inside-Out

Jennifer is a global expert in the fields of adult development and complexity. She has authored three books, her most recent, Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to Thrive in Complexity, published this year. McKinsey & Company Director Emeritus, Zafer has 40 years’ experience with organizational and personal transformations. In this track, you will grow your own complexity fitness by learning new tools and approaches to handle the challenges of our changing world.

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Track Nine
with Shahmeen Sadiq

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Considered the most advanced leadership assessment, the LCP is the only 360-degree measurement providing competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations. The track certifies coaches to interpret results and qualifies you to administer the LCP. You will receive your own profile and learn the statistical and theoretical underpinning to prepare for the deeper conversations your clients need to affect lasting change.

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Supplementing the track learning, we host focus sessions from distinguished and emerging voices in the field of personal, organizational, and societal transformation.


Simone Ahuja

What It Takes to Innovate Within Large Corporations

Innovation expert, author and Mobius Senior Expert Simone Ahuja shares the key ideas from her latest book, Disrupt-It-Yourself, a practical playbook for harnessing and cultivating essential innovation practices including supporting the work of “intrapreneurs” – or corporate hackers. These people work at the edges of organizations to solve persistent problems they feel passionate about. Simone will share her insights into intrapreneurial competencies, and what it takes to support intrapreneurial hacktivists – before they leave. 


Azim Khamisa

The Principles of Group Coherence and Restoration

Azim Khamisa is an author, CEO and founder of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, set up in response to the death of his only son, Tariq. For the past 24 years, Azim has worked alongside the grandfather of the boy who shot Tariq. Together they work to stop children killing other children. The TKF created the Safe School Model – a viable and affordable solution to one of the biggest malaises in our society. Azim also consults with corporations and organizations on how to transform conflict into unity using the principles of restorative justice, including accountability, compassion, and forgiveness.


Farayi Chipungu

Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change

Farayi Chipungu is an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she teaches Adaptive Leadership. She also serves as executive education faculty across other Harvard Schools. In addition, Farayi is a consultant with McKinsey & Company where she works globally with public, private and not-for-profit clients to deliver largescale performance transformation programs, working with top teams and frontline staff. Farayi originally trained as a lawyer and spent 5 years in private practice.


We welcome distinguished thought leaders and pioneering voices in the field of transformational leadership to inspire us and advance our learning.


Edgar and Peter Schein

New perspectives from a lifetime’s scholarship and a new collaboration

Internationally revered for his pioneering advancements to our field, notably in process consultation, career dynamics, and his model of organizational culture, Edgar Schein is renowned as one of the fathers of Organizational Psychology. In the past four years, in collaboration with his son Peter, Edgar has co-authored three books, and co-developed new perspectives on culture, change and leadership.  Focusing on the evolving aspects of their perspective, Edgar and Peter will address the process of leadership, consulting, and coaching, as the world becomes more complex and interdependent.

Professor Schein and Peter Schein will be joining by Zoom.


Andrew White

Leading in Uncertain Times: The Challenge of Navigating to the Next Mountain

Andrew White is the Associate Dean for Executive Education at Saïd Business School and is responsible for forging connections between the research, resources and expertise of the School, and of the wider Oxford University, with senior leaders in organizations throughout the world. Andrew is also a highly experienced leadership coach to CEOs and other senior leaders. His areas of expertise include managing disruptive technologies, discontinuous innovation and the new leadership capabilities required to lead in today’s business climate.



Ken Gergen

Leading in a Liquid World: The Relational Imperative

Kenneth Gergen is a Senior Research Professor at Swarthmore College, and the President of the Taos Institute, a global network of scholars and practitioners exploring the collaborative construction of meaning and action. Ken is listed among the 50 most influential living psychologists in the world. He will extend the implications of his award-winning book, Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community, to the challenge of leading in a world of rapid change. 

We are delighted to once again host master Visual Facilitator Mathias Weitbrecht who will be capturing and sharing his mapping of each of the keynote presentations of this year’s Next Practice Institute as well as the day long workshop with mystical teacher Thomas Huebl. Mathias will visually facilitate and document the week by graphic recording. Listening, filtering the keynotes and visualizing patterns, meta-topics and content. The result will be a series of large wall-sized visualizations as a new kind of documentation – available to all participants on site and after the event.

Mathias Weitbrecht is a European pioneer in the field of visual facilitation. Since 2005 he has developed products, business models and teams – always aligned with a strong purpose-driven approach. Founder and CEO of Visual Facilitators GmbH with a team of 25 visual strategists, graphic recorders and facilitators. Mathias is especially skilled in also visualizing the intangible, more subtle or energetic realities as they appear throughout our week together.


Tuesday Evening | 8:00pm

Thomas Huebl

Toning Meditation for Personal and Collective Healing

Thursday evening | 8:00pm

Anne Gottlieb

Leadership Presentation & Presence

Wednesday Evening | 8:00pm


Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. Paul is that rare artist who does both. A troubadour, a singer, a storyteller, an acoustic musician, Paul Ellis has been celebrated as the quintessential Boston songwriter and “the face of contemporary folk music,” garnering a shelf of music awards since he began his career in 1993.

He has performed at the Newport Folk Festival, Carnegie Hall, and venues from Alaska to Paris. His work features in major motion pictures – with director Peter Farrelly describing him as “a national treasure.”


Continuing on from the special Tuesday evening meditation, Wednesday morning offers a very special opportunity for a few precious hours with Thomas Huebl.

Wednesday morning 9:30 – 12 noon

A special group session with Thomas Huebl


An opportunity to study the mystical principles of transformation with non-dual teacher Thomas Huebl, who joins us each year for an immersion in his teaching. Thomas is blazing a path of 21st century spiritual practice and helping thousands of students around the world to really live their awakening amid today’s busy world.

He will lead the group for a morning of study, practice and healing. Thomas will offer his unique approach for living as a “mystic in the marketplace,” sharing his understanding of the mystical principles of embodiment, manifestation, and personal evolution. We are truly delighted to offer this opportunity to practice with an advanced teacher who understands the challenges of modern life and grounds his work in psychology, philosophy, and meta-physical awareness.

Thomas Huebl is a rare guide: a masterful mystic able to navigate advanced realms of spiritual mastery while presenting himself in a delightfully warm, transparent, brotherly way. He is the best of 21st century enlightenment: deep thinking, clear-seeing, and radical in his stance. He is also focused on healing collective trauma to restore a healthy cultural architecture.

The session will focus on healing and the art of transformational facilitation.

After lunch we will have two parts to our afternoon program. 1. PANEL: Golbie Kamarei will moderate a discussion on evolving organizational models. 2. BREAKOUT: Afterward, each panelist will lead a breakout for participants to choose between.


Panel Moderator | Golbie Kamarei

Chief People Officer, Culture Amp

Golbie is a recognized speaker and thought leader in creating  culture first companies. She recently joined Culture Amp, the world’s leading People & Culture platform to harness the collective intelligence of people data and insights to drive performance, leadership, and employee  experience. Her recent TEDx Talk “Success  at What Cost?” has been broadly shared in the industry. Previously, Golbie held various roles in investing and organizational development at global investment manager, BlackRock.

Stefano Petti

Stefano is a Partner of Asterys, a lecturer in the Master of International Management programme (University of Bologna, Italy), and teaches at CUOA Business School, Italy. Previously, Stefano worked for Eni Group and Société Générale, where he oversaw re-organizations. He writes for the Harvard Business Review and co-authored the book AEquacy: The New HumanCentered Organizational Design to Thrive in a Complex World.

Nadjeschda Taranczewski

Nadjeschda is a Master Certified Coach and Mobius Senior Consultant. She is the CEO of Conscious U*, an online training company specialized in helping companies to become a ‘Conscious Tribe’ a thriving organization that people are excited to work for, love to do business with and buy from. She recently published Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story. 

Bettina Rollow

Bettina is a Mobius Transformational Faculty member, coach and advisor. She specializes in collaborative working models and supports companies to shift from hierarchical models towards New Work models. Bettina previously worked for the Volkswagen group, where she led projects in process optimization and change management. She is also trained in gestalt therapy. Her new book New Work needs Inner Work is forthcoming.


Throughout the week, several of our transformational faculty and healing practitioners will be available for one-on-one sessions. We are honored to have them with us, offering their gifts to this gathering.

Please indicate your interest in a session when you register for the program.

Individual sessions last 60 – 90 minutes and cost an additional $500 each.


Ester Martinez

is a coach and a psychotherapist with 18 years of experience working with leaders and teams. A key member of Thomas Huebl’s core team, sessions involve inner constellation work, a personal reading and grounding with Cranial-Sacral therapy

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Rivka Halbershtadt

is a uniquely skilled transformational coach with over 15 years of professional experience. She focuses on expanding freedom of choice to enable individuals to fully become who they are. Her coaching sessions are transformative in nature – addressing body and mind.

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$500 additional


Matthew Myers

is considered a truly gifted healer who practices a blend of Transformational Bodywork & Cranial Sacral Therapy in order to explore somatic healing and energetic possibilities.

This session is not available.
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Ilene Myers

offers a blend of modalities Transformational Bodywork, Visionary Craniosacral, and Somatic Repatterning. Her offerings in the healing arts began 44 years ago as a rural midwife where she learned the art of intuitively perceiving subtle energetics. Her sessions allow a continued practice of tracking unconscious imprints and core epigenetic patterns and to consciously delete what no longer supports inherent potency.

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$500 additional

Ryan Seaman

combines astrology with body work involving deep tissue, acupressure, marma point, reiki, and thai yoga massage. His work clears the unconscious physical, emotional and psychic armament and helps clients renew connection to their Center.

This session is not available.
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Priya Kamala Giri

combines holistic massage, energy work, meditation, and coaching, in service to each individual. She sets a sacred space in which the body and being can be held, honored and the essence embodied.

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Heather Myers

has been a practitioner of the healing arts for 25 years and has studied Transformational Bodywork, CranialSacral therapy, Access Energy Transformation, and Tantra Yoga. Her sessions are a fusion of bodywork, energy work, and somatic re-patterning.

This session is not available.
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Samuel Bartussek

uses his MimoSonanz® method. It offers an intuitive and psychic connection and leads to an intimate and soulful piece of work, reinforcing your power to achieve your next goal. His method works with the body’s capacity to store information, express emotion, and transform through movement, breath and voice. The process makes visible through mime what was previously unconscious.

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