Transformational Coaching

Mobius Transformational Coaching

Mobius Executive Leadership is a premier training and leadership development company. Our Executive coaches are senior experts in the field with strong business acumen and an action learning background. Mobius coaching is a rigorous process of mindset and behavior work, carefully examining the everyday actions and interactions people take, while supporting a deeper inquiry into their underlying beliefs, thoughts, challenges and aspirations. Mobius coaches are drawn from the best trained and most experienced senior consultants, strategists, interventionists, psychologists, and executive coaches practicing globally.

Mobius Transformational Coaching

Mobius’s approach to coaching is based on two decades of learning and research in the field of organizational learning and executive development. it focuses on five interwoven domains of executive development: physical, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual.



Mobius Distinctive Approach

Our coaching model focuses holistically on increasing self-awareness, changing mindsets and frameworks for action and fostering sustainable behavioral shifts. Our highly applied action learning model uses real-time client challenges to place the individual client in the specific systemic context in which they operate. Much of our coaching work teaches clients to become reflective practitioners, stepping outside the pressures of everyday business and looking at their work lives with fresh eyes.

Mobius Coaches Qualify for Specific Client Engagement by Completing an Intensive  Three-Level Screening Process

Level One

The potential coach must apply and be accepted by the leaders of the Mobius coaching Practice based on an interview, an evidence based assessment process with master coach evaluators and ICF accreditation. Priority is given to those coaches with operational leadership experience in a large company and master coach certification (Pcc or Mcc) from the ICF.

Level Two

From a wide global pool of several hundred Mobius coaches, with an array of backgrounds and experience, a group of candidate coaches are selected to meet the sponsor organization’s coaching needs and requirements. this becomes the dedicated pool of coaches who then familiarize themselves extensively with the organization’s culture and its goals for the coaching initiative.

Level Three

A final matching process occurs, in partnership with the sponsoring organization, when individual clients select or are matched with particular Mobius coaches. this match is based on the client’s needs and preferences, the organization’s perceived needs of the individual, and the knowledge the Mobius coaching practice has about the unique attributes of each coach. once assigned a client, Mobius coaches confer throughout a coaching engagement to share insights that arise from the coaching relationships within a particular organization.

Diagnostic and Assessment Services

In addition to building one on one coaching relationships with coaching clients, we are often asked to conduct targeted psychological and professional assessments of individual leaders or executive team functioning or whole organizational systems.

Mobius consultants are certified to offer and interpret the following assessment tools for executive development purposes. These diagnostic services can be offered in the context of an ongoing coaching relationship or provided independently as part of a professional development plan.

  • Bar-on EQ-i
  • The Hogan instrument
  • DiSC inventory
  • Emotional competency instrument (Eci)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory
  • Leadership Circle
  • Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Center for creative Leadership’s 360° instrument
  • ITC Four column Commitment tool
  • Richard Barrett’s cultural transformation tools and assessments
  • Firo-B
  • Leadership Accelerator™
  • Deep Structured Interviews