Resolving Conflict

Many organizations need to develop a greater capacity for managing conversations that are business-critical and potentially conflict ridden. In this course participants will learn skills vital for building a communication culture that invites diversity of viewpoints and encourages positive conflict.

Resolving Conflict

Do you sometimes wonder if, as a manager, you should be more effective in handling interpersonal breakdowns among your staff? Do you ask yourself if there might be a better way to deal with personality issues or escalating conflict? Do you need to instill a stronger sense of rapport and resilience within your organization? Effective teamwork and collaboration are essential aspects of organizational life, and yet few managers are trained to foster esprit de corps. Even fewer supervisors know how to cope with the inevitable tensions and crises that emerge in overseeing a group of people.

In this course you will acquire the skills to help you identify an appropriate conflict resolution strategy. Based on the seminal book by mediator Ken Cloke, Resolving Conflict At Work, this course offers strategies that are proven methods to engage critical and tough business issues while maintaining collegial relationships and a positive working environment. By the end of this course you will be prepared to act more assertively in mediating difficulties between employees and business units; troubleshooting crises with customers and vendors; and handling a range of conflict situations. Furthermore, you will acquire skills to recognize the variables that influence your ability to be productive as the conversations “heat up.” At the end of this course, you will return to work better versed in tools for deescalating conflict and more confident in executing these aspects of your managerial role.

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