Next Practice Institute Overview

Mobius Executive Leadership is a consortium of practitioners across disciplines of business strategy, organizational development, psychology and the esoteric arts who come together to awaken leaders.

Through our client work we function as an active laboratory for developing what we call “next practice” working with mature leaders who are “whole brain” oriented, able to draw on a range of leadership capacities from analytic to intuitive. We are also creating a global network of practitioners interested in the lifting up of the human spirit in the service of the common good. To further these aspirations, we decided to launch the Next Practice Institute.

Client offerings include the Personal Insight Workshop, the Centered Leadership Program, the Personal Mastery Field and Forum Program and the Transformational Facilitator Development Program.

The Next Practice Institute will also offer ongoing webinars and seminars. These programs are appropriate for in-house human resource and OD professionals as well as our global network of coaches, trainers and mediators. Beginning in the summer of 2016 we will offer a yearly in-person Gathering with plans to launch certifications in Transformational Facilitation and Coaching.

The Next Practice Institute will hold our client facing transformational offerings as well as our practitioner training programs and online professional education services. Our focus on personal mastery derives from our belief that true transformation comes when individuals across a system or organization experience transformation first-hand at a deep personal level.

Our leadership programs combine best practices in negotiation, communication, team dynamics, organizational learning and adaptive leadership with “next practices” in dream work, somatics, voice dialogue, mindfulness and expressive arts such as theatre, pantomime, music, psychodrama, poetry and other experiential modalities for embedded adult learning.