Change Champions Program

The Mobius Change Champions Program is a high performance accelerator targeted at change leaders within an organization.

The Mobius Change Champions program takes an action learning approach designed to build capabilities and skills even as participants are serving as owners of change related work streams.  Participants learn relevant skills in real time as needed in the course of a large organizational transformation and help enroll and coach others in the change process.

The program focuses on four pillars of leadership capability including:

  • Leading Self/Personal Mastery
  • Leading Others/Interpersonal Skills
  • Leading Teams
  • Leading Systems/Driving Organizational Transformation

Through the program participants heighten their self-awareness and increase their leadership skill set for driving change.

Although the program is tailored to map closely to embed key mindsets and behaviors that have been identified as critical success factors it is likely to have content related to each of the following key areas:

  • emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • opportunities for inner reflection and greater self-understanding
  • mindfulness and other centering techniques
  • research findings in neuroscience that support these tools and approaches
  • training in negotiation and masterful conversations
  • performance feedback and coaching others
  • conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • project management
  • storytelling and presentation skills
  • methods for stakeholder management and influence without authority
  • clinics on change challenges based on real cases in real time
  • social networking
  • execution and accountability
  • “whole person” leadership including intuition and creativity
  • team dynamics and meeting management
  • adaptive versus technical leadership
  • systems thinking and understanding structural traps

Four Pillers