Masterful Conversations

Mobius offers a one and two day version of Masterful Conversations, a foundational communications course. We can also tailor versions of this course to focus on performance feedback conversations; reviewing results of employee engagement surveys; and other topical challenging conversations for managers.

Masterful Conversations

In turbulent times, many companies turn their attention to the adaptability of their leadership teams. It becomes only more evident during times of crisis how critical it is to foster candid, crisp and powerful communication. Now more than ever, the quality of your brand, the strength of your collaborative and customer relationships, the creativity of your corporate strategy, and the retention of your work force all depend on the skills the company brings to conversations and relationship management.

Do you sometimes wonder if your team is afraid to express concerns? Do you think people are being “too nice” and avoiding important business conversations? Are you concerned that there are performance gaps that aren’t being addressed because managers are unable to state the hard facts? Are you worried that there is increasing absenteeism and tardiness because employees are dissatisfied but not raising issues?

Participants will leave this course with a system for preparing for a conversation and entering with a focused agenda and a productive frame of mind. This course develops emotional intelligence and key influence skills for managing difficult conversations. By the end of this course you will be able to better handle performance feedback sessions, strategic meetings, and a wide range of other business transactions that impact the company’s bottom line. You will return to work with the skill and confidence to assert your ideas and concerns more directly.

Faculty for this course are drawn from senior experts trained at the Harvard Negotiation Project as well as experts in team dynamics, executive development, conflict resolution and emotional intelligence. Masterful Conversations can be offered as an open enrollment program or tailored for a top team working together on an ongoing basis.

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