Negotiations Essentials

This two-day skills training helps organizations develop a unified system for preparing for, conducting and debriefing negotiations.  Participants learn to manage dynamics in both informal and formal negotiations and to navigate difficult tactics.

Negotiation Essentials

Most of us negotiate all day long as we try to influence colleagues, business partners vendors, and customers. Do you sometimes wonder if you are being too accommodating when you negotiate? Are you worried that the other side may be getting a better deal or that you have left value on the table? Do you sometimes come up against hard bargainers? The ideas, frameworks, and tools shared in this class are all based on best practices in negotiation developed over the last twenty years at the Program on Negotiation at the Harvard Law School. In this course you will acquire a systematic negotiation strategy and the ability to apply it across a wide range of business transactions. By the end of this course you will be more prepared to optimize outcomes of your negotiations, both internal and external. By using these strategies you will be better able to manage your business relationships while improving your substantive outcomes. The faculty that teach this course are among the most senior community of negotiation professionals available for corporate consultation. They are lecturers at the Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, Stanford Law School, and John F. Kennedy School for Government. These courses are highly applied and experiential, focusing on real-time negotiation challenges for the participants.

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