Based on the book Teaming by Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson this practical one-day offering introduces teams to best practices for team performance.


This ever-timely workshop teaches you how to create, lead, and support high performing teams inside your organization. Without clichés or trite metaphors, this course offers the nuts and bolts of how to make your teams perform better. This workshop synthesizes decades of field research in organizational behavior and social psychology and best practice into clear actionable steps that you can take to become an effective team leader or team member. Your ability to motivate your team members
 will boost overall morale and effectiveness while increasing the bottom line and work/life balance for everyone, including you.

This full-day course, taught by two seasoned team experts, uses an interactive workshop format to teach and then practice key skills and tools for building, leading and sustaining all types of teams, from newly- formed and in-tact teams to virtual teams, highly diverse teams and even impaired teams. You will learn how to diagnose team and task needs using the three criteria of team effectiveness. With vivid real- world examples from your own experience and others’, you will learn and then practice diagnosing, creating and managing the five critical conditions that lead to sustained team impact—be it in prosperous or challenging times. You will leave with a Monday morning list of actions you can take to improve your current teams, as well as the knowledge and skill to properly launch, coach and wrap up team-based projects. When you bring this new mastery to your everyday work life, you will see the difference in working relationships and in team performance. Your clients will be pleased with the outcome, your team will grow stronger, and individual team members will be more satisfied and motivated.

Faculty for this course are drawn from senior experts who have trained with Harvard Business School Leadership expert Amy Edmondson in her Teaming methodology as summarized in her seminal book, Teaming.

Recommended Reading
Teaming by Amy Edmondson
David Kantor’s Reading the Room
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