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How I Balance My Busy Mind

In this series of posts, professionals reveal their best antidotes to work stress. Read the posts here, and then write your own (use #OutsideWork in the piece).

Winning from the inside

Insights from a year of coaching CEOs by Pratap Nambiar As 2015 comes to an end, I did some reflection based on all the CEOs I coached this year.

VW’s Losing Mindset About Winning

Leading wisely and living well requires a different understanding of what it means to win. A mindset that says successful leaders tap into something bigger than themselves, and take honorable action that considers the common good.

Where Government Fails, Business Steps In

Around the world an amazing phenomenon is taking hold: where government fails, business is taking over. Indeed, as the world seems to be falling apart, groups of business leaders are organizing as watchdogs and taking action for the common good.