Winning From Within®

The Challenge Detecting The Performance Gap®

You’ve all been there. Faced with managing deadlines, giving feedback, allocating budgets or team resources, making strategic decisions, enlisting or inspiring others: you’re of more than one mind about how to proceed.

  • Is it time to offer an olive branch or lay down the law?
  • Should you speak your mind or hold your tongue?
  • Roll the dice or play it safe?

From new managers and emerging leaders to experienced company partners and CEOs, people struggle to successfully resolve these common inner tensions in the heat of the moment. The result is a gulf between what people know they should do and what they actually do. This phenomenon is called The Performance Gap.

It turns out that real time success requires a combination of what you have learned to do and say on the outside with what you think, feel and experience on the inside. The Winning from Within method helps provide professionals with the action steps necessary to close The Performance Gap and to seek greater success and higher satisfaction in their lives and careers.

The Solution Winning from Within® Fundamentals

In this course you will learn the framework and tools you need to lead people, deliver effective results and cultivate accountability among your teams. Unlike other models that focus on outward behavior, this course operates from the inside out, building your internal strengths and the qualities needed to serve as an effective leader. What’s more, the program uses “real time” participant challenges to closely link self-awareness and skill development to business critical conversations.

Participants can expect to learn:

  • A Seven Step Process for Leadership Mastery
  • The Four Inner Negotiators (Practical, Analytical, Relational, Inspirational)
  • Their leadership strengths and where they get stuck in The Performance Gap
  • Why they have conflicts with certain people and how to change
  • How to understand human dynamics while they are unfolding
  • Specific steps they can take now to improve a current conflict in their life
  • A methodology for preparing for and conducting high stakes interactions
  • Action steps to continue their development toward personal mastery