Winning from Within

A breakthrough method for leading, living, and lasting change

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Based on her two decades of experience coaching clients in both the private and public sectors Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living and Lasting Change by leadership expert Erica Ariel Fox.  The book helps readers close the performance gap between their intrinsic skills (what they can do in potential) and their actual behavior when it counts.  This New York Times Best Seller is fast becoming a business classic, serving as a resource for organizations wanting to build maturity, strength, and resilience in their leadership teams.  

With advice relevant to every conversation that matters, personally and professionally, Winning from Within shares anecdotes, business examples and public exemplars that help readers to better understand where they get stuck and how to close their performance gap for greater results in business and in life.


  • “I am privileged to teach with Erica Ariel Fox at Harvard and have witnessed her impact on public sector leaders. She is a visionary leader in her own right and her Winning from Within method will foster insight and wisdom in all who read this soon to be classic book.”

    Jamil Mahuad

    President of Ecuador, 1998-2000
    Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Faculty

  • “A remarkable contribution from a new voice. If you read one leadership book this year, pick Winning From Within.”

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Bestselling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

  • Winning from Within is bound to change the way leaders are developed forevermore. Its ideas and inspiration will take the business world by storm.”

    Peter Guber

    CEO, Mandalay Entertainment, and bestselling author of Tell To Win

  • Winning from Within offers a powerful and practical method for character development, a missing link in leadership development that is increasingly essential for new and seasoned executives alike.”

    Amy Edmondson

    Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

  • “Erica Ariel Fox has created an imaginative, innovative, and powerful toolbox for helping manage our inner world. Winning from Within maps a path to a better life.”

    Daniel Goleman

    Bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence

Ways to Engage

Winning from Within® corporate programs are not about teaching leadership.
They are about developing the leaders themselves.

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Based on 15 years of experience guiding top teams in Fortune 500 companies and the public sector, Winning from Within™ for Leaders is expertly tailored to the unique issues faced by senior executives.

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Speaking Topics
  • Leadership

    Organizations continue to grow in complexity, velocity, and intensity. This new world demands extraordinary and adaptive leadership. Erica Ariel Fox will share a powerful and practical approach for developing and demonstrating this new leadership. It takes only four stories for leaders to understand how to demonstrate a broader and more effective set of leadership skills. And in her presentation she shares a seven step method for widening your leadership range and closing what she coins your “performance gap”—the distance between your intrinsic skills and your actual behavior in high stakes situations.

  • Organizational Performance

    Most organizations and leaders continue to struggle with the question of how to engage employees. Erica Ariel Fox will share a powerful and practical approach for communicating and negotiating in ways that will increase employee engagement while also strengthening both strategic alignment and personal commitment to excellence. Erica’s presentation illustrates four different leadership domains organization’s need to unleash to achieve sustained high-level performance.

  • Personal Performance

    Many successful leaders and executives continue to feel a sense of burnout, loss of personal direction, and/or unfulfilled destiny. They often ask themselves, “Is this all there is?” “How can I find more meaning in what I do all day?” and “What’s next for my career and my life?” Erica Ariel Fox will share a powerful and practical approach for leaders to envision, plan, and take action toward a life of greater personal satisfaction and enhanced performance. Winning from Within™ can help leaders of any tenure to understand how to shape and pursue a more fulfilling destiny.

  • Women & Leadership

    As many organizations focus on increasing women in leadership roles at the top of the house and women actively being groomed in the succession pipeline, women will be asked to step into increasingly powerful and visible leadership roles. Erica Ariel Fox will share an inspirational and practical approach for women to find and strengthen their authentic leadership presence and executive voice. Offering a clear and compelling seven step path to higher performance the Winning from Within™ method helps women leaders negotiate more effectively, raise their aspiration levels, build stronger networks, take bolder risks and have more meaningful lives both professionally and personally.

  • Negotiation

    Have you ever ended a negotiation and wondered, “Why didn’t I say X?” or Why DID I say Y?” or maybe “Why didn’t that go the way I had planned?” Erica Ariel Fox will share a powerful and practical approach for improving your effectiveness by negotiating with yourself first both as part of your preparation and during particularly challenging situations. Presenting the latest findings from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Winning from Within™ contends that the most important negotiations you have every day are with yourself. This presentation offers a roadmap for how to do that effectively and when it really counts both professionally and personally.

  • Change Management

    In any organization undertaking a significant performance transformation the impacted employees will suffer “switching costs” including stress, overwhelm and ambiguity. Old habits and mindsets no longer serve the new organizational values and vision. Erica Ariel Fox offers a road map for remaining centered during turbulent times and changing habitual patterns of thinking and interacting. Winning from Within™, offers a systematic seven step leadership process, that unleashes individual development and collective energy and renewal, allowing organizations to undergo large scale culture change while remaining aligned, inspired and accountable for results.

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