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Anjali Gupta

Anjali Gupta is a leader with over 10 years of experience in helping organizations advance their missions by unifying vision, values, and performance and aligning these with the organization’s strategic goals to promote a sustainable, values-driven, and outcome-based enterprise. In addition to designing and facilitating strategic and business planning initiatives, Anjali has been recognized for leading workshops, trainings, and leadership development programs for a wide range of clients.

Anjali specializes in helping clients assess the impact of their organizational culture on reputation, stakeholder relations, and staff engagement and performance and developing strategies to unify internal/external stakeholder groups around vision and values, strengthening internal communication, and resolving conflict and improving relationships at the board, leadership, and staff levels. Anjali can evaluate an organization’s cultural “health” across the board or in a particular area. The current functioning of the organization is reviewed and measured against best practices for creating a culture of trust, accountability, integrity, and transparency. Additionally, Anjali is skilled in guiding organizations through disputes to resolutions that satisfy the needs of all parties. Past clients have praised her calm but effective facilitation style, ability to include diverse voices, and skill in keeping groups focused on achieving their goals for the day.

Anjali has conducted organizational assessments and developed strategic initiatives, workshops and trainings, and award-winning leadership development programs for numerous clients including: Sony Electronics, the World Bank Group, Raytheon, U.S. Foodservice, Northwest Energy, WGBH, Lockheed Martin, Coors, Inc., American Tower, Marsh & McLennan, Bell Helicopter, Weyerhaeuser and the Rhode Island School of Design.

Previously Anjali served as Managing Director of Working Values, Ltd. (now SmartPros, Ltd.) a Boston-area consulting and training firm, and Managing Director Of Ethics, Inc. (acquired by LRN in 2006), a corporate ethics consulting practice. Anjali holds a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Montreal and graduate degrees from
Northwestern University and Tufts University. Anjali is a certified Senior Consultant with Richard Barrett and Associates’ Values Centre and is experienced in the use of Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT). The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to create values alignment and internal cohesion among corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, and communities worldwide. Anjali trained at the Harvard Law School on Negotiation and Dispute Management practices and has created and facilitated training workshops at Harvard Law School on mediation and conflict management.

Anjali is an accomplished cook, gardener, and world traveler and has achieved varied
degrees of proficiency in Hindi, French, German, Spanish and Italian.