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David Savage

David Savage serves as an Executive Coach at Mobius Executive Leadership. David connects and coaches leaders and organizations to collaborate and work together better.

He brings 45 years of expertise, experience, and leadership including oil and gas, renewable energy, health care, entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement, business development, coaching and conflict management. Over a ten-year period, David and partners, collaborated to develop 5 companies and 4 not for profits. Since 2007, Savage Management has focused on building capacity, innovation, and accountability in people and in and between organizations and communities. David works with leaders and organizations to advance their success through collaboration, negotiation, conflict resolution, and business development.

In 2020, in addition to his work with Mobius, David is helping to develop the leadership team (20 people) of an international ski and wedding resort. David has been facilitating/navigating the Collaborative Wildlife Stewardship Program between BC’s FLNRO, a First Nation, and very diverse and (on the surface) conflicting stakeholders. This comes from BC’s adoption of the UNDRIP recommendations in 2019. He has also been negotiating, contracting, marketing, and team building with a junior oil company.

In addition, David is creating a collaborative conversation on how we are all choosing to redesign our behaviors to create shared value. This pandemic has brought the people of our planet to a new economic, social, and environmental paradigm. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Churchill. Now is our time.

Since 2016, David has published 7 books and 45 podcasts on collaborative leadership, negotiation, and conflict management. He is, also, an Advisor for the Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus https://thececn.ca/and an eco cyber village https://www.twinhills.ca/  and is volunteering mentoring Haskayne Sustainability MSc. students, Heart and Stroke Foundation Board Development, The Great Divide Trail Organizational Development, Rotary, and TrailsBC.