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David Hayes

David is a leadership coach and transformational facilitator. David is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professional Clinical Counselor. He is also a senior doctoral candidate in psychoanalytic training at Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Study, as well as a certified mediator, published poet, and award-winning essayist.

David has been in interested in healing work since 1997, when he began studying how to work with the body to resolve pain, as well as exploring how emotions were held and often stuck in our physical selves. It was at this time he met Amy Fox, beginning work with her early incubations of what would later become Mobius Leadership. As this work evolved, he found that there was a natural progression towards psychology and the exploration of how thoughts and feelings related to the body. He gravitated in particular to depth psychology and psychoanalytic theories, as he found they valued deeper levels of meaning and understanding beyond just relief of symptoms. David’s early clinical exposure was a mix of psychoanalytic training while working with adult patients in individual and group settings. Simultaneously, he worked in integrative medicine centers, at the hospital and clinic level, where traditional and alternative approaches to healing were being used.

David has been seeing individuals, couples, and families in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles since 2001.