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Ilina Abadjieva

Ilina Abadjieva, Ph.D. in Systematic and Comparative Theology from Boston College and M.T.S. from Harvard Divinity School in Boston, MA, USA; M.A. from Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria, holds several academic and professional Certificates from Kopenhagen University, Denmark, Krogerup College, Denmark, International People’s College, Helsingor, Denmark, Olami University Damanhurian Mystery School and Damanhurian School for Spiritual Healers, Italy.

Author, lecturer, Teacher of Tibetan Buddhism in Bulgaria, USA, India and Nepal, Teacher of Taoist Alchemy and Shamanism: The Spiritual Journey, Soul Alignment and Self-Healing Practices; Psychologist;

Ilina’s work includes Inter-religious and ecumenical Dialogue, Conflict resolution; Time, Stress Management.

Ilina is a Spiritual Healer, Practitioner of Alternative Healing Modalities, amongst which the Yuen Method of Quantum Energy Healing, Prana Therapy of the Damanhurian School of Spiritual Healers, S.C.E.N.A.R. Therapist and Instructor Trainer; Coach in Personal Development, Self-Transformation, Inner Healing and Self-Manifestation.

Ilina is a Spiritual Counselor; Consultant for individuals and professional businesses; Teacher Trainer in Self-Transformation, Personal Development, Perfection and Leadership.  Her sessions can include Spiritual Design and Manifestation of one’s Personal Life’s Mission.

Instructor-trainer at Bulgarian Open University, School of Management, in Master’s Degree Program “Management for organizational Perfection and Leadership”, Module: “Personal Development” in Sofia, Bulgaria; Professor in Systematic and Comparative Theology and World Religions, Eastern Philosophy and Practices at Open Bulgarian University, Boston College and Curry College, Boston, MA, USA; Lecturer at Sera Je Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, South India.