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Joanna Mackie

Joanna Mackie serves as a Mobius Senior Consultant. She is a Designer/Facilitator of Strategic Learning, Leadership Coach and Organizational Change Consultant with more than 20 years of global experience. She works with a wide range of clients including senior leaders, teams and organizations in litigation, healthcare, finance, global consulting, manufacturing, the arts and other NGO and non-profit organizations.

She has designed and delivered numerous strategic learning programs to help clients develop their capacity to: build awareness and strategies for enhancing and leveraging diversity and global perspectives; lead and influence incomplex contexts; build multinational and interprofessional teams; and lead organizational change through engaging multiple stakeholders. Joanna’s international experiences have fuelled a lifelong passion for, and multi-faceted competence around, helping leaders develop self-awareness and cross-cultural approaches that serve individual, team and organizational endeavours in both local and global contexts. Her client work has taken place in both domestic Canadian organizations and in systems headquartered in North, Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Joanna’s work focuses on enabling leaders to learn and lead strategically through individual, team and systemic change. Her organizational consulting expertise includes generative and collaborative practices that engage and align stakeholders around a shared purpose, develop their abilities to have conversations that leverage difference on leadership teams, and build on strengths to generate new and desired actions, practices and results.

Joanna has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario and a Master’s degree in Workplace Learning and Change at the University of Toronto. She is proficient in French, and has diplomas in narrative approaches to leadership, Ontological Coaching and Emotional Intelligence. She lives with her family in a rural context in southern Ontario, Canada.