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John Richardson, JD

John Richardson is a Senior Consultant for Mobius and Triad Consulting. He has co-authored two books in the field, and was for several years an Associate of at the Harvard Negotiation Project and a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, where he taught Negotiation and Multi-Party Negotiation. John has also taught Negotiation at MIT’s
Sloan School, and the Boston College Carroll School of Management, where his course received the highest ratings ever received by a BC faculty member.

John’s corporate consulting and negotiation training clients include Deloitte and Touche, Ropes & Gray, Monsanto, BankAmerica, Goldman Sachs, and AT&T. In the public sector, John has worked with the Virginia Military Institute, The Department of Justice National Advocacy Center, the Massachusetts Department of Social Services leadership team, the Archdiocese of Medellin, Columbia, Israeli negotiators in Cambridge, and Palestinian leaders in the West Bank.

John is the only person to have co-authored negotiation books with both Roger Fisher and Howard Raiffa. He wrote Getting It Done (HarperBusiness 1999) with Roger Fisher and Alan Sharpe, a book about how to lead when you’re not in charge. With Howard Raiffa of the Harvard Business School, he wrote Negotiation Analysis (Harvard University Press, 2003), which synthesizes game theory, quantitative decision analysis, and negotiation theory. It has quickly become a central text at business schools around the country, and is arguably the leading
scholarly work in the field.

John graduated from Wesleyan University and Harvard Law School. He practiced securities law in New York before returning to negotiation research and teaching. John is trying to learn to play bluegrass banjo, although his wife and three children wish that he was not.