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Marc Avanzo

Marc Avanzo, a Mobius Senior Consultant and Executive Coach, is based in New Delhi (India) and Lyon (France). With a background in business (MBA from INSEAD Paris) and Science (telecommunication engineer) he shifted carrier nine years ago and has been giving leadership trainings since. He has been a certified coach for four years and is the co-founder of the ICF Delhi chapter.
Marc moved to India four years ago and worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Delhi as Head of Staff Development and Learning for the SEARO office.
After this experience within the UNs, Marc has been serving a top five consultancy company, giving coaching sessions and workshops for its staff and for its clients. He has been selected and accredited for conducting their personal development workshop at the clients.
As a coach and facilitator, Marc has been accredited by CRS (Results Coaching Systems) and Coach For Life (CFL). He is in the middle of the certification process from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) to become a PCC (he has given more than 700 coaching hours to date). He is also a certified MBTI practitioner, and a TOP (Technology of Participation) facilitator.
Amongst the many tools he is using, Marc likes to implement appreciative inquiry and Gallup Strengths Finder, as the paradigm they follow is that of positive psychology and the power a positive mindset: miracles can be achieved when the coach can create a trusting space through these tools and through the right mindset that arises then.
Marc holds an MBA from the INSEAD Paris and Masters of Science in Electric Science and in Telecommunication from the prestigious Grande école Supelec Paris (France) and the T.U. Darmstadt (Germany). He started his career working shortly for the European Space Agency (ESA) and then went into the Marketing field for various telecommunication carriers in Europe: General Telecom (daughter company of Universal in the UK), Siris (French daughter company of AT&T). Before getting into the leadership training, he worked as a marketing and strategic consultant for NGOs. His entry into Leadership training was enabled and triggered by a short stay in Bolivia, where he graduated from Nur University on a course in Leadership and Development.
He speaks fluently French (his mother tongue), English and German. He can read a bit of Italian and Spanish, and is currently learning Hindi.
His life passion is Music, he can play the piano, the guitar, the drums, the saxophone and the violin. He likes to improvise, jam with other musicians or compose. Music is a deep source of energy, alignment and inspiration for him. A great deal of leadership components can be found in music, like for instance listening and acting at the same time, adapting to others while leading them, connecting and communicating with others, being in the «here and now», using intuition and being in the flow with emotions. For the body, another great source of energy and alignment for him is yoga.
Marc has always had some interest for education, as he worked earlier in his career with student associations (AIESEC); he is keen on bringing to the educational world the new paradigm that he has been offering to his coachees. Education is for him a true long term tool for sustainable development and positive social change.