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Nicola Madjno

Nicola Madjano, a Mobius Senior Consultant and Executive Coach, has been specializing in training, coaching and consulting for more than 15 years now. Including a permanent position at the “Audi Akademie” for the first few years of her professional career.

Change processes, leadership or organizational development and managing conflicts are the 43-year-old’s focus today. She offers tailor-made concepts combined with effective tools and methods for client requirements.

As a distinguished leadership specialist Nicola works for a wide range of industries from retail to government and from automotive to healthcare.

With a master’s degree in German and English and her studies of speech and communication (both at the University of Regensburg) as well as further professional trainings in Group Dynamics (DAGG), transactional analysis, intercultural communication or Insights MDI, just to name a few, her educational background is widespread and well-informed.

Either in German or English Nicola’s coachings, consulting and trainings help executives respond to the growing complexity and diversity of today’s challenges in working life and environment. It is this complexity and the increasing pace of our daily routine which often lead to conflicts between individuals as well as in teams. To cope with these conflicts Nicola offers professional support:

  • Individual coachings for successful conflict management, improved leadership skills and a trusting relationship,
  • As well as mediation to promote reconciliation, settlement or compromise between conflicting parties.

Cooperation, loyalty and mutual respect are breeding grounds for a prevailing corporate culture – and that’s exactly what Nicola is aiming at.

Apart from her job Nicola loves literature, music, cooking and yoga. She is married and has two sons.