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Robert Gass

Robert Gass has been known for leading edge work in human consciousness and organizational change for over 30 years. Holding a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Organizational Development from Harvard University, his work synthesizes an unusually diverse background in organizational behavior, social change, humanistic psychology, business, music and spiritual studies.

Robert was the former President of ARC International, a global consulting and training company specializing in transformational change with Fortune 500 companies. As an organizational consultant, he has worked at the most senior levels with corporations such as General Motors, Chase Bank, Pillsbury, Textron and Motorola, specializing in whole system change. Robert has for many years served as executive coach to well-known business, non-profit, political and spiritual leaders.

Co-creator of the Opening the Heart workshops, Robert has offered seminars to over 100,000 individuals on leadership, relationships (with his wife, Judith) and spirituality at universities, educational centers and conferences around the world.

Some of Robert’s current work focuses on leadership development and movement building for social change. Designer of the Rockwood Art of Leadership trainings, he has helped train thousands of environmental, human rights, peace and social justice leaders across North America in the inner and outer arts of leadership.

Robert is currently facilitating two large-scale national movements to counteract climate change:

• The 1Sky Campaign: a national movement uniting hundreds of groups in support of national energy policy commensurate with the scale of the challenge

• Green for All: a national campaign to help translate the shift to a green economy into jobs for marginalized communities.

Robert is also leading an ongoing project with the U.S. Senate Chiefs of Staff to try to create a more collaborative bi-partisan legislative process in the Senate.

Robert lives in Boulder, Co, and has raised three children with his life partner of 39 years, Judith Ansara.