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Sonia Stojanovic

Sonia Stojanovic, a Mobius Executive Coach, partners with others of like mind who are committed to Organisational Transformation that addresses the whole system. This includes the mindsets, values, beliefs, core motivations and unconscious needs of those within the organisation.

Sonia was a Senior Practice Expert in Organizational Behaviour at McKinsey & Company where she worked with some of the world’s largest organisations on the integration of the human element (EQ and SQ) into the transformation agenda – whose focus was on creating high performance organisations – in both a current and a sustainable
way. This work was carried out in Africa, UK, Middle East, Canada, the USA and South America.

The source of a lot of her inspiration and connection to this work was the honour she had to lead along with John McFarlane, the CEO and a great team of colleagues the cultural transformation journey at Australia and New Zealand banking group – a 31,000 strong full service bank, domicile in Melbourne Australia and represented in 40 countries around the world. It was through this experience that she learned that it is the cultural capital of the
organisation that is the next wave of differenciators in competitive advantage.

Sonia also worked in Fast Moving Consumer Products as the Director of HR for Asia Region with HJ Heinz, and Director of HR – Australia. And prior to that 8 years with Shell in various roles including internal consultation in Org Behaviour, Quality systems and re-engineering, Training and Development.

Her specialties include HR strategy (talent, recruitment, expatriate management, T&D, performance management & REM, wellness and resilience); Comms and Corporate Affairs; Cultural Transformation & Change Mgmt (whole systems, design, faciliation, cultural aspects of M&As); Personal and Team Archetypes; 7 levels of organisational consciousness (Corporate Values Assessement); Team Values Assessment; Individual Values Assessement; Leadership Values 360; Total Quality Management; and Australian Standards Assessor.