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Åsa Björnberg

Åsa is a clinical and organizational psychologist who has spent her career doing research and developing leaders at some of the world’s foremost institutions including London Business School, McKinsey & Company, and London School of Economics.  She has coached more than 700 clients from over 60 countries.

Åsa has spent most of her career at London Business School doing research on family business leadership and culture, and teaching and coaching for executive education.  She currently serves as Executive Fellow, continuing her work as a teacher and a coach for their international community.

Åsa spent five years as a Senior Expert at McKinsey & Company, heading the global research on family businesses and conducting projects on leadership development.

Her greatest passion is leadership and personal development innovation. She is guided by what is most transformational and has found a novel combination of integrating neuropsychology and ancient wisdom techniques with “learning by doing and feeling” that encompass embodied approaches, such as horse-guided learning. This highly impactful and effective approach enables growth on several dimensions and makes use of the biotechnology of the human body.

Among Åsa’s strengths is her ability to make others feel at ease and safe, providing the courage to tackle her clients’ toughest issues with humour, warmth and acceptance. Her background and experience have given her a broad view of human development, ranging from modern science to ancient wisdom practices. As such, she is able to both think and feel deeply with her clients, many of whom are business-owning families, who she works with over extended periods of time through all aspects of the human condition.

Åsa has a MSc in Clinical and Organisational Psychology from Gothenburg University and a MA in Consultation to the Organisation: Systems Psychoanalytic Approaches from the Tavistock & NHS Portman Trust. She is a founding member of the British Psychological Society’s Special Group for Coaching Psychology, an equine facilitated psychotherapist and a certified psychometrician. She is also a qualified energy worker, following a traditional lineage from Central Europe and her homelands in Scandinavia.

Åsa has written two books (and many articles) on family business, and her research has been featured in the McKinsey Quarterly, The Economist, Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Management Today and on BBC radio and Swedish national radio.

She loves animals, horses in particular, and spends most of her free time in the English and Swedish countryside. Åsa is of Swedish-Norwegian origin and is currently based in London.