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Chuck Wisner

Chuck Wisner has spent twenty years as a coach, consultant, and advisor to leaders in a wide variety of organizations. He believes that effective leadership begins with communication – that having the right conversations with the right people about the right thing is key to generating self-awareness, forging strong relationships, and making wise decisions.

Chuck’s approach to leadership coaching is deceptively simple: it involves supporting clients in establishing meaningful direction and goals, being truthful about the current state of affairs, and discovering patterns of thinking, communicating, and behaving that get in the way of their becoming more powerful leaders.

Chuck began his professional career as an architect; he obtained his architectural degree from the Boston Architectural College and was a partner at HKT Architects, Inc. He was among the first to be certified by the Newfield Group as a Professional Ontological Coach, trained in mediation, and worked as a senior mediator affiliated with the Harvard Law School Mediation Program. He was also a specialist in organizational learning, conflict management and communication associated with MIT’s Center for Organizational Learning. Recently, he founded GenusCommunications, a company dedicated to creating software systems to enhance and improve the world of electronic communications.

Chuck’s clients have included General Motors, Electronic Data Systems, DTE Energy, Shell, Chrysler, Spectrum Medical, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is currently working as a leadership advisor with executives at Apple, Toyota, Dte Energy, GlimmerGlass Consulting, and Trott Financials.