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Dana Asher

Dana Asher is a certified executive coach, group facilitator, keynote speaker, organizational consultant, and thought leader with deep roots in human performance and a track record of improving quality of life at work. Across a broad swath of sectors and industries, Dana’s work in relational leadership builds personal and institutional capacity for growth, development, and diversity by integrating the body, heart, mind, and souls of individuals and organizations.

Dana works regularly with individuals and teams working sub-optimally as a result of disruption and stress, amidst rising demand and increased complexity. Given that organizations perform only as well as the people in them, and are only as strong and healthy as the internal and external relationships they can sustain, Dana’s work brings people and work cultures back into relationship with themselves, one another, and stakeholders. She currently serves organizations including amfAR (the foundation for AIDS research), Anthem, Booking Holdings, The Ford Foundation, Finalta, First Eagle Investment Management, Flex, HavenLife, Legrand, Microsoft, The New School, Oh My Green, Oxeon Partners, ProductHunt, Scribd, Storyful, and TextNow. Past clients include Accenture, Alcoa, Berkshire Partners, Google, KPMG, Lincoln Financial, Nestlé, PwC, Stop and Shop, and The U.S. Air Force, among others.

As Faculty at Columbia Business School Executive Education and Managing Director at Mobius Executive Leadership and at The Energy Project, Dana has helped some of the world’s top leaders and teams to perform sustainably while leading transformationally. As Practice Manager at McKinsey & Company, her teams delivered measurable impact at scale. Prior to training at IPTAR and completing two years of Tavistock-method participant observation, Dana was awarded a PhD with distinction from Northwestern University, in the humanities (the study of the human condition).

A contributor to Fast Company and editor of the blog Inner Workings, her thought leadership has appeared in multiple print publications.