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Dianne Argyris

Dianne Argyris is a Boston-based consultant with over 25 years of experience in Organizational Development. She is President of Argyris Consulting, a practice she began in 1998. In addition, she works with organizational leaders at all levels to help them develop and implement strategies for cultural change. Dianne has been engaged with these issues from an early age, as her father, Chris Argyris, is a founder of the field of Organizational Behavior and a mentor.

Dianne takes a rigorous qualitative and data-driven approach to coaching and consulting which integrates organizational learning theory, linguistics and anthropology. She has developed a unique approach to coaching and consulting called Micro Observation. She gathers examples of behaviors through direct observation, audio-taping, e-mail analysis or written cases. She then applies a structured, easy to follow analysis, which provides feedback about strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for alternative actions. Clients most often describe Dianne as possessing a high degree of rigor, intellect and empathy.

Dianne has served in several leadership roles in Human Resources, including Director of Human Resources for Unix Systems Labs, and Head of Training and Development at Lotus Development Corporation. She has served on the faculty for AT&T’s High Potential Executive Education Program, the Columbia General Management Executive Education Program and the “Conversations with Masters” Series on Coaching and Intervention Skills sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership and Integral Leadership and Coaching.

Dianne works with for-profit and non-profit organizations. She holds an MA and EdD in Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She received a BA in psychology at Connecticut College.

She is a frequent peer reviewer for the Harvard Business School Press, and an associate of Mobius Executive Leadership, a premiere Organizational Development firm.

She has served as co-chair of the Board of Smith Leadership Academy Charter School, and was a trustee of Boston’s North Suffolk Mental Health Association. She has also served on the Advisory Board of BrassRing, LLC (now Kenexa), and is a member of the Student-Alumni Mentoring Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.