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Gary Muszynski

Gary has worked with executives in leading change, innovation, and growth at major organizations including Apple, Genentech, Disney/Pixar, Cisco, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Starbucks, Xerox PARC, Bank of America, Chase, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, Altavia China and the North Dakota State Department of Corrections. Gary has been practicing and evolving the art of leadership and team development for over 25 years and is humbled to play his part in creating healthy organizations that provide true value to the world.

Gary supports leaders and their teams in leveraging the power of collaboration and creative insight to create vibrant, productive, and resilient work environments.  His approach is rooted in expanding awareness so that leaders can shed the worries of the “self” to act in true benefit for the whole. His coaching work starts with clarifying his client’s personal vision and organizational goals, creating a strategy to assess and understand their perceived vs. actual current reality, and then to use those findings to develop and execute an action plan that delivers meaningful and exceptional results.

His major projects include researching and defining best practices for technology innovation in partnership with Xerox PARC, redefining leadership within the North Dakota State Department of Corrections (from incarceration to rehabilitation), and working with Bank of America e-commerce executives to triple revenues within 24 months.   He has delivered workshops in leadership agility, orchestrating change, partnering for success, leadership resilience, and priming innovation to over 100,000 professionals at organizations of all sizes on five continents. He operates in true partnership with 1:1 executive coaching clients to align head, heart, and gut for optimal leadership, performance, balance, and success.

He is a lifelong leadership learner and holds certifications in Leadership Circle 360 Profile Assessment, Embodied Leadership Practices for Resilience (Qigong), Organizational Diagnostics with Sam Kaner, Appreciative Inquiry with David Cooperider and Organizational Development with Edie Seashore. He has also earned coaching certifications from the Coaches Training Institute, the Results Coaching Group (Neuroscience Leadership Institute), and in Team Coaching Diagnostics from the Team Coaching Institute. He received a dual degree in history and philosophy from Washington University with international study at the University of Sussex in England.

His love of collaboration, culture, and innovation is also embodied in a passion for combining classical, folkloric and jazz music. He has been graced with the chance to perform his original music at venues as diverse as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Country Music Hall of Fame. He has lived in England, Israel, and Brazil and loves traveling the world to continually expand his understanding of this beautiful, diverse, and complex planet we inhabit. Gary makes his home in Marin county, just north of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge where he enjoys hiking and biking.