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Kathrin Fox

Kathrin Fox works as a leadership coach, facilitator for transformation, systemic mediator and a culture change consultant across a broad range of industries.

Kathrin’s journey evolves around inner exploration and outer expression. With a professional background in international project management, change management, education & the performing arts, she uses her experience and intuitive gift to challenge and inspire her clients to evolve to the next level. Blending personal growth, timeless wisdom and modern science, she is a visionary when it comes to awakening leadership from within and creating profound development programs that combine practicality with heart and intellect.

Kathrin is certified as a coach and consultant for organizational development (IPOM, Munich), as a facilitator for leadership and executive development intensives through the Scherer Leadership Center (Warsaw) and as a systemic mediator and conflict resolution specialist (Vienna). She is also a skilled facilitator with professional development in transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, integral theory, leadership development, constellation work and conflict transformation; working with leaders and teams across the globe to enable their transformation from the inside-out.

Kathrin holds a BA in Education from the University in Innsbruck, a BA in Nonprofit- & Health Care Management from Management Center Innsbruck and is currently studying for a MSc. in Professional Development and Transpersonal Psychology at Middlesex University in London.

She is fluent in German and English.

Kathrin enjoys poetry, dancing in the morning and retreating into meditation and silence from time to time. She lives with her husband near Salzburg, Austria, surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains.