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Louise Macdonald

Louise Macdonald has consulted in the fields of leadership, executive teamwork and organizational learning for almost 30 years. A successful entrepreneur, in mid-career she co-founded a boutique strategic talent firm in Canada which was acquired after 10 years by a national consultancy.

Frequently retained by Canadian and international clients over the years to help with collaborative strategy execution, Louise is a sought-after Executive Coach to CEOs and senior leaders in a wide range of industries, and she also designs and facilitates innovative leadership development and culture change programs. Her extensive client list includes airlines and aerospace, telecoms and broadcasting, financial institutions and pension investment, metals and mining, health care and food companies, railways and retail, media and entertainment, insurance, a public utility and the academic sector.

The model Louise has successfully practiced over time rests upon helping clients reflect and gain self-knowledge to link personal change to business objectives, as well as helping them learn to leverage relationship-building as a key organizational capability. As an Executive Coach she is an effective sounding-board for global executives holding significant responsibilities and managing increasingly diverse and remote teams. Her expertise provides new perspectives to key decision-makers in evolving their leadership style, integrating the strategic resources of the organization and improving relationships with the Board and other stakeholders.

Louise holds a degree in Industrial Relations and a graduate certificate in Adult Education from the Université de Montréal. She continued her professional development in Counselling and Systems Thinking and studied Organizational Learning with the late Chris Argyris, professor emeritus at Harvard University. Her learning objective has always been to understand the dynamics of personal choice and change and how they are played out in organizational settings, with implications for enhancing or undermining business results.

As a bicultural Canadian, Louise is perfectly fluent in French and English, and can converse in Spanish. She has travelled widely and makes her home base in Montreal and in the Eastern Townships of Québec, where she tends her vineyard and sings in the choir.