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Pablo Carter

Pablo is a consultant, facilitator, coach, and keynote speaker with more than 20 years of experience in leadership development and effectiveness and has worked with an important number of executives from organizations in Mexico, the United States, Spain, France, Canada, Belgium, the UK, Colombia, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Central America, and the South Cone.

In his work, Pablo incorporates principles stemming from conversational competences, brain preferences, talent discovery, strengths and skills, NLP, empathic listening, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, and personal leadership. He combines the personal, team and organizational dimension to the work with his clients, based on his extensive experience in the field of leadership and effectiveness.

Pablo holds certifications in time management, principles-based leadership, project management, strategic planning, constructive negotiation, executive coaching, and different diagnostic tools.  He integrates these disciplines into customized programs for individuals and organizations based on their needs, aiming to understand them systemically and propose solutions that effectively impact business results.

As a mentor of other facilitators and coaches, he has led different TTT programs in organizational talent development.

Pablo received an MSc and PhD in physiology in Paris and a Master’s in Latin American Literature in Venezuela. He has published numerous papers for national and international scientific magazines.

In 1987, Pablo married his wife Cristina, with whom he has since lived in Venezuela, France, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. They have one son, Pablo Javier, who is 22 years old.