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Dick Schwartz

2017-2019 Faculty

Dr. Richard Schwartz developed the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach. He is a Mobius Senior Expert and the co-author of the most widely used family therapy text in the United States.

To learn more about Dick’s work:

  • Read Dick’s articles on the IFS model in the Mobius Strip: Evolution of the Internal Family Systems Model and a follow-on essay examining The Larger Self
  •  Watch the 7 minute teaser video of Dick Schwartz’s session at the 2017 Annual Gathering and the full keynote (57 minutes) which offers a wonderful encapsulation of how the model came about, more on the different parts of ourselves, the nature of the self-led person and a guided exercise for working with your inner critic to have it stand back.
  • Visit the Center for Self Leadership for more information about Internal Family Systems including white papers and training opportunities
  • For more information about the week-long immersive Dick is teaching at this year’s Next Practice Institute in December 2019, click here