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Nilima Bhat

2017 Faculty

Nilima Bhat is a leading transformational facilitator helping individuals and organizations in their quest for conscious evolution. Along with Raj Sisodia, she is the co-author of Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business.

To learn more about Nilima’s work:

  • Read excerpts from Shakti Leadership in the Mobius Strip, 2017 and 2016  
  • Watch the teaser video of Nilima’s talk at the 2017 Annual Gathering and the full keynote (50 minutes) where she gives us an inspired tour through the big ideas behind Shakti Leadership including the masculine and feminine polarities and how these relate to four basic archetypes operating within each of us.
  • Consider enrolling in the Shakti Leadership Advanced Leadership Program for Women to Unlock The Source for True Leadership. Certified in partnership with the University of San Diego. The 2018 program commences in June, lasting nine months, with biweekly video classes, one week-long residential and optional pilgrimages to India and Turkey. Learn more.