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Zafer Achi

2016, 2018-2019 Faculty

Zafer Achi is a Mobius Senior Expert, a developmental leadership coach, and a former Director in the Organization Practice of McKinsey & Company. In his keynote and Mobius Strip article he distills the lessons he learned in his thirty years of experience as a practitioner and advisor to large public- and private-sector transformations around the world.

To learn more about Zafer’s work

  • In this 11 minute video Zafer discusses the three insights he learnt the hard way about how to approach complexity. To watch, click here
  • For more, watch Zafer’s keynote during the 2016 NPI, a very informed  encapsulation of how to work with and embrace complexity
  • Read the McKinsey Quarterly article “Delighting in the Possible, co-written with Jennifer Garvey Berger
  • Read Zafer’s article in the Mobius Strip 2018 Embracing Complexity